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quarta-feira, 25 de março de 2009


Artist: Various ArtistsVideo: This Is Hardcore Fest 2008Year: 2009Format: DRip
Tracklist:01. Death Before Dishonor - Never Again02. Blacklisted - Eye For An Eye03. Blacklisted - That Aint Real Much04. Strenght For A Reason - Looking Back05. Alpha Omega - Devils Bed06. My Turn To Win - Best Goalie Ever07. Vision - The Kids08. Vision - Falling Apart09. Brain Dead - Guilt And Shame10. Poverty Bay Saints - Six Pack11. Know The Score - Red Sox Nation My Ass12. The Mongoloids - Never Give In13. Ceremony - Throwing Bricks14. Ceremony - I Want To Put This To An End15. No Turning Back - Stay Away16. Comeback Kid - Wake The Dead17. Cold World - Cold World18. Cold World - Low Places19. Fahrenheit 451 - Bring Yourself20. Fahrenheit 451 - Shall Be Judged21. Reign Supreme - Isacariot22. Reign Supreme - Still Unbroken23. Down To Nothing - Skate Or Die24. Down To Nothing - Home Sweet Home25. Down To Nothing - Smash It26. Trapped Under Ice - Reality Unfolds27. Trapped Under Ice - Skeleton Heads28. Killing The Dream - Thirty Four Seconds29. Killing The Dream - Still Unbroken30. Deathcycle - Suffer31. Maximum Penalty - Life And Times32. Maximum Penalty - Acceptance33. Violation - Stranglehold34. Convicted - Cages35. Ensign - Never Give In36. Let Down - Never Again37. Let Down - Aggravation38. Paint It Black - Atticus Fink39. Paint It Black - We Will Not40. 100 Demons - Never Surrender41. 100 Demons - Forsaken42. Wisdom In Chains - Dragging Me Down43. Wisdom In Chains - Land Of King44. Terror - Always The Hardway45. Terror - Keep Your Mout Shut

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